From the time that my mother needed an evaluation, to helping her with placement in a nursing facility, to her passing, you were always there with emotional support and decision assistance for all of us. You are a true professional in Elder Care, to the elder as well as the family. During a difficult time in a child’s life, we found comfort in your guidance and compassion. You made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation by assisting me with difficult decisions, always making sure that the decision was mine and one that I could live with. 

—Candace F.

While presenting a gentle, thoughtful exterior that makes him easy to work with, Joseph is a man of strength who is exemplary in his ethical conduct.

—Phyllis S.

Joseph’s seemingly endless devotion and attention to detail allow him to accomplish easily what others only struggle to achieve. His knowledge of available resources is impressive. I have repeatedly observed him take the time required to bring a just resolution to many adverse situations.

—Steven Feingold, Medicare Supervisor

Joseph’s pragmatic style, coupled with optimism, inspired clients, caregivers, referral sources and employees alike. Joseph’s knowledge and experience as a social worker and business owner are vast; his energy and optimism unsurpassed. Even the most complex home health scenario is resolved once Joseph is involved. There simply is no situation that is daunting to him; his craft and skill are fine-honed and admirable. 

— Keren Wheeler, owner, Evergreen Private Care

Joseph Bensmihen is a positive role model and a leader in our field….I consider Joseph Bensmihen to be one of the few colleagues I can turn to for advice and input. His knowledge of social programs, health care law and advocacy for aging and disabled individuals is beyond compare.

—Sonja W. Kobrin, MPS