Our Approach

We’re not just about home health care. We’re about whole-person care.

At Care at Home Florida, we take a holistic, full-service approach to home health care. We assess your loved one’s health and situation and then provide as much or as little care as they need. If all they need is someone to help with the activities of daily living for a few hours a week, we provide a part-time home companion or caregiver. If they need 24/7 specialized home health care from a high-tech Registered Nurse, plus the services of a social worker and a live-in home health aide, we assemble just the right customized team. We provide or find the resources to maximize your loved one’s independence, safety, comfort, and well-being. Meanwhile, we give you the peace of mind of knowing that your relative is not confined in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

In addition to home health care, we can provide a wide range of life management services, from assistance with cleaning, cooking, or bathing to counseling, or Spanish-English translation.

We can also advocate for your loved one and you—with doctors, hospitals, assisted living facilities, insurers, and other important people and organizations.

We can even act as your eyes and ears—or do everything you would do for your loved one if you could to be there yourself.

Then we put everything together in the most compassionate, effective, and cost-effective manner while you rest assured that they are home safe.

If you want to work with longtime experts in senior independent living—as well as independent living for anyone of any age—call us or CONTACT US here.

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We Are Ready to Help—
Right Now

  • You get a phone call at 3 a.m. Your mother has just been rushed to the emergency room of a hospital six states away. Nobody is there to assist her. You wish you could fly out to be with her, but tomorrow is your fourth day at a new job. And the words she’d said to you two weeks ago keep flashing in your brain: “Whatever happens to me, please don’t put me in assisted living facilities.” What do you do?
  • You receive an e-mail from your grandfather, telling you that he is being discharged from the rehabilitation facility tomorrow morning—a week earlier than planned. You are away on business for the next three days. You know little about the ins and outs of senior independent living and home health care. How do you respond?
  • • Your 20-year-old daughter texts you from Florida, where she is vacationing on spring break. Her text reads: A drunk driver rammed our car. I have 2 broken legs and nerve damage. I’m on serious painkillers. You are lying on a gurney yourself, in a hospital a five-hour drive away, waiting to be wheeled into the OR for the removal of a cataract. How can you help her quickly and effectively?

You contact us.

At Care at Home Florida, we’re always available and ready to help. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and we have a wide range of professionals and caregivers available at any hour, every day.