We are in the business of showing up.

We are in the business of showing up.

We are in the business of showing up.

We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
We are in the business of showing up.
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Does your parent, grandparent, or other family member need:

  • Help recovering from an injury or illness?
  • Assistance with cooking, bathing, shopping, laundry, or other tasks of daily living?
  • Transportation for errands, medical appointments, or social activities?
  • Assistance with monitoring and taking medications?
  • Help adjusting to physical limitations or conditions?
  • Short- or long-term nursing care?
  • Physical or exercise therapy?
  • Other social services, such counseling, or Spanish-English translation?
  • Advocacy in dealing with Medicare, clinics, hospitals, or the health care system?
  • Compassionate companionship?
  • Help living safely and independently at home?
  • An alternative to senior living facilities?

Do you need:

  • Expert assistance in caring for a family member who lives far away?
  • Respite care from the stress and difficulty of watching over a family member from a distance?
  • Help with understanding and getting the most from Medicare, a long-term care policy, or some other form of health insurance?
  • Assistance in navigating health care rules, roles, and relationships?
  • A trusted advocate who can help you create a compassionate care plan for your family member?
  • A way to keep your aging relative or loved one out of senior living facilities and nursing homes?



We make life easier for your loved one—and for you.

Call our office at 727-440-3637 and we can help you get started. You will speak with one of our care coordinators, who will set up a no-cost appointment.

Getting Started with Home Care

In order to provide the highest quality care for your family member, we start by meeting with you—in person, by phone, or via Skype. At this no-cost meeting, we learn about your family member’s current situation, health, and needs—physical, emotional, and practical. We ask questions, listen carefully, and pay close attention.

We also encourage you to ask questions of us, so you can get to know us better. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we are happy to offer our guidance and recommendations, based on our long experience of seeing and knowing what works.

Then, together, we will craft the most beneficial care plan and schedule for your family member. In creating this care plan, you will always be in charge—because no one understands your family member better than you.

When appropriate, we will also have a registered nurse visit your family member and assess what combination of services and care providers will give them the best and most appropriate care. There is no charge for this initial assessment.


We can ease your burden. No matter how far away you live, we can help.

We are experts in the full range of home health care services, senior independent living, social services, and other forms of personal assistance and life care. Every day, we provide caring assistance for family members and loved ones who live in Florida. We have been in thousands of homes and have dealt with a wide variety of schedules, personalities, and needs. We serve people of all ages who experience any state of health and ability. We work closely with each client to provide the right care plan, the best caregivers, and the most appropriate services. Regardless of the level of care required, we treat every patient with the dignity they deserve. We do all this at the most reasonable price possible—often, depending on the family member or loved one’s health care coverage and needs, at no out-of-pocket cost.