Guardianship is a relationship established by a court. A certified, court-appointed guardian makes decisions for someone who is unable to make those decisions for themselves—and who has no trusted family member who can make those decisions for them.

At St. Pete Care at Home, we consider guardianship a relationship of last resort. Whenever possible, we work with the family to provide their loved one with the right level of care, oversight, and advocacy—all without involving a court. This maximizes the family member’s safety, well-being, and independence—while also saving
the family a good deal of money, time, and trouble.

In some cases, however, such an arrangement isn’t possible. In other situations, guardianship may be proactively ordered by a court. In cases such as these, St. Pete Care at Home stands ready to help with a certified guardian.

 width= Our CEO, Joseph JB Bensmihen, has been a certified court-appointed guardian since 1998. He is also a social worker (MSW, Yeshiva University, 1995). JB brings a consistently high level of service, attention, advocacy, and care to every guardianship relationship. He also ensures that each such relationship is as cost effective as possible.